MDOT I-94 Project – Pre-Bid Contractor Feedback Request

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) would like to hear feedback from interested contractors on their I-94 (from Puetz Road to Britain Avenue) reconstruction project in Berrien County.  Work includes 6.4 miles of I-94 reconstruction as alternate pavement bid, 2.3 miles of I-94 rehabilitation, 4 bridge replacements, 8 bridge rehabilitations, 3 large box culverts, reconstruction of 3 interchanges, and rehabilitation of 2 interchanges including the construction of a new ramp.
The current anticipated prequals include:
Comb/Jt B, Fa and Cb, Fa and Ea, Fa with subs of B, Cb, Ea and Fa
The current anticipated project schedule includes:
• 2023 – pavement repairs
• 2024 – construct WB then EB from Puetz Road to Hickory Creek including the structures
• 2025 – construct WB from Hickory Creek to Britain Avenue including the structures
• 2026 – construct EB from Hickory Creek to Britain Avenue including the structures
Questions MDOT is looking for feedback on include:
• Does this schedule seem constructable while meeting the seasonal time frames?
• Is there any other work your team perceives, that could be completed in 2023 with a June letting?
• The staging plans will be updated to the new stages.  Are there any suggestions for improvements?
• Are there any other suggestions on the MOT or stages?
To view the current draft plans and proposal and provide comments, MDOT has set up a Bluebeam Studio Session:
131843 & 132824 I-94 MITA Review
Session ID: 104-580-720
MDOT has requested comments by noon on December 20th. (The Bluebeam session will close at 5 pm on Wednesday, December 21st.)
MDOT invites all interested contractors to attend a meeting on Tuesday, December 20th, at the Coloma TSC at 1 PM for a one-hour meeting to discuss the project and provide any suggestions.  If you would like a forward of the calendar appointment sent to you, please send the request to
If you have any questions, please contact Rachelle VanDeventer at, or Glenn Bukoski at,  or call them at the MITA office at 517-347-8336.