MDOT Revises Form 2124A

Over the past few months, MITA has been hard at work trying to improve the functionality and ease of use of MDOT Form 2124A: “Prime Contractor Bi-Weekly Statement of Subcontractor/Supplier Payments.” To give you a brief history on how the revision came to be, MDOT formed a small workgroup a few months ago. The purpose of the workgroup was to discuss and resolve the many issues that were initially raised during the MITA/MDOT Quarterly Meetings. As a result, MDOT decided to update the form to incorporate the following improvements:

1. Automatic population of the form with data obtained from previously submitted information. There will be a button you can click labeled “Copy From Last Submitted Report.”

2. The “Project Complete” button has been replaced with a “Final Report” button that you can click AFTER the final report has been submitted.

3. The deduction comments section has been moved into a column next to the Deductions column. (Instructions are available in Step 2 in the system.)

4. The comments “Save” feature has been fixed and comments are now being saved correctly.

5. The certification statement from the paper copy of the 2124A Form has been added to the reporting system. (Instructions are available in Step 3 in the system.)

MITA is proud to announce these changes, as they demonstrate MDOT’s willingness to listen to the industry’s concerns and to make changes that will ultimately improve efficiency.

Click here to view the recently published contractor announcement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Doug Needham at or Glenn Bukoski at They can both be reached at 517-347-8336.