Michigan drivers on the fence about 45 cent increase to fix roads

LANSING, MI (WILX) – Now that we’ve gotten a warm stretch of weather, Ingham County has started patching up numerous potholes plaguing the streets.

But how to fix the roads is still a hot topic.

Michiganders are battling with Governor Whitmer’s idea of a 45 cent gas tax hike.

Emily Kizer, a Monroe County resident told News 10, “The 45 cent fuel tax is shocking, but I think it’s something that’s necessary.”

“I’m just trying to decide how to adjust my budget to cover that,” said resident, Adrien Nicolas.

Mike Nystrom, the Executive Vice President of Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association told News 10 that all the money raised from the 45 cent gas tax will go towards funding the roads.

“The 45 cents is not necessarily palatable to the taxpaying public, however, it addresses the problem and it’s constitutionally protected,” said Nystrom. “What that means is, ultimately the legislature can’t redirect that money anywhere else. The constitution says that that 45 cents has to be used to fix our roads and bridges.”

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