Mike Nystrom Invited To Become Water Network Fellow To Create An Infrastructure Network For Water

MITA’s Executive Vice President, Mike Nystrom, was recently asked to join Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University as a Water Network Fellow for a program to create an Infrastructure Network for Water (IN-Water).


As a Fellow, Mike and other key stakeholders will participate in a series of meetings throughout 2017 sponsored by Michigan’s University Research Corridor (URC). The purpose of the workshop series is to develop a National Infrastructure Network for Water that promotes science to practice. The URC is looking for ways to link scientists and practitioners to address water infrastructure in the future, through innovation, advanced technologies and partnerships.


The ultimate objective of the program is to help the three universities that make up the URC to develop a more effective science-to-practice network around national urban infrastructure, focusing first on water infrastructure.


MITA is proud to have a voice in this important endeavor and looks forward to doing its part to contribute to the conversations and to help find solutions to the massive infrastructure problems facing our state and nation.