MITA Board of Directors Applications Being Accepted

MITA is always looking for driven industry candidates for its Board of Directors, both contractor and associate members, and will be considering new candidates very soon. How does it work? The first step is your application will be reviewed by the MITA Executive Board. The Executive Board will then asses current board openings and applicant fit and then make recommendations to the Board of Directors in the fall. The goal of this process is to create a balance between the various disciplines performed by MITA members and to provide regional representation. The Executive Board will then bring recommendations to the full Board of Directors for final approval. This process will apply to contractors and associate members of MITA. If you have already submitted an application in the past, we still have it on file, but a quick email confirming you’re still interested is appreciated.

There are no wrong answers on the application, and many of the questions could be answered for you by MITA. However, the following bullet points should help you determine what MITA’s Executive Board is looking for in a potential board member and should be considered before filling out an application.

Can I make it to five in-person board meetings throughout the year?
Am I an owner or high-level executive of my organization?
Am I willing to attend more MITA events than I currently attend?
Will I be vested in the process?
Can I do this potentially for 8 years? (Contractor)
Can I do this for two years? (Associate)
Please Read the MITA Vision Statement
Please Read the MITA Board of Directors Code of Ethics

In short, the Executive Board is looking for serious candidates to consider for open positions. If you are interested, please fill out the attached application and return it to MITA’s Executive Vice President Rob Coppersmith at Thank you for your interest!

Contractor Board Member ApplicationAssociate Board Member Application