MITA Continues to Advocate for Underground Infrastructure Funding

During the heavy rain in March and April, which brought flooding across the state, MITA was busy promoting the need for investment in the state’s underground infrastructure.  As a result of press releases that were distributed by MITA, news articles appeared across the state that included comments from MITA and other sources. The most recent story appeared today in “Bridge Magazine,” and can be read here.

According to “Bridge Magazine” article, environmental officials cite bills that were passed late last year, which MITA fought aggressively in support of, that are expected to get loan and grant money more quickly to communities that need to upgrade storm and sanitary sewer systems. In addition, Mike Nystrom, executive vice president of MITA, is quoted as saying that last month’s heavy rains and flooding demonstrated the need for more state money to help upgrade sanitary and storm sewers.

As Michigan’s beach season approaches, MITA will continue to promote the need for underground infrastructure funding, by highlighting the number of beach closings caused by contamination from combined sanitary and storm sewers that overflow after heavy rainfalls.