MITA Contractors Asked To Support Ralph C. Wilson Grant Application

MITA is in the process of submitting a Workforce Development grant in the coming weeks that will exceed $1.4 million. The funds, if received, will be used to develop a statewide program geared towards educating K-12 students of the career opportunities available in the transportation and infrastructure industry. This program will also be used by counselors to provide accurate data regarding the heavy construction industry to interested students approaching graduation including: wages, local companies in the 16 MiWorks! districts, as well as other pertinent information.

MITA will list every Contractor Member as a supporter of the grant. However, supporters are not expected to donate time or funds to the development of this initiative. This is another service MITA is providing to its members. If you have any questions, contact Ken Bertolini, Director of Workforce Development at, or by calling (517)-449-0155.