MITA Seeks Helpful Safety Tips From Active Job Sites During COVID-19

These are some unprecedented times in the safety world. MITA is hearing great things from the guys in the field regarding measures being taken to protect them from COVID-19 while at work, so thank you to all of our members for your continued efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

MITA is looking for input from companies that have people working in the field during this pandemic for a bulletin that we will put out next week to the membership. We would like to share, anonymously, some ideas that others may not have thought of. Examples like issuing anti-bacterial wipes to operators to wipe down seats, controls, steering wheels and levers before and after each shift, or providing each laborer with their own set of tools to be labeled with their name and used by them exclusively, are exactly what we are looking for.

We have heard some very creative ideas, and we look forward to sharing them with everyone.

Thank you all for your help in sharing these ideas with each other, and please continue to stay safe.

Click here to email Greg Brooks, Director of Safety & Compliance.