MITA Wins Favorable Decision – MDOT Weigh-In-Motion Scales Access

In an August 20, 2015 letter Governor Snyder’s office informed MITA that they would not be altering current policy with respect to granting the sheriff departments’ access to the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) wireless weigh-in-motion (WWIM) scales for the purposes of commercial motor vehicle code enforcement.

The Michigan Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) had requested the governor’s office grant all 83 county sheriff departments access to MDOT’s 39 WWIM scales similar to the access granted to the Michigan State Police – Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (MSP-CVED).

In a July letter to Governor Snyder, MITA voiced strong opposition to the MSA request citing the self-serving for-profit incentive that exists for local law enforcement abuse in their efforts related to commercial motor vehicle code enforcement.  Under current law 70% of the fines collected by local law enforcement for commercial motor vehicle code violations go directly into the coffers of that local government, with the remaining 30% going to the local library.

Contrast that with the commercial motor vehicle citations issued by the MSP-CVED where 100% of the fines collected go to the state’s library system.  Absent that profit incentive, State Police enforcement is generally, and appropriately, predicated on protecting public safety.

Governor Snyder’s office commented that MITA’s comments and position were key in their decision to deny the MSA request.

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