PAC Donor Spotlight – Kaltz Excavating, Inc./M.U.E.

Another long-standing supporter company of the MITA PAC has answered the call to action and has come up huge, helping us reach over $233,000 towards our year end goal of $250,000. Kaltz Excavating / M.U.E. Incorporated had 12 employees contribute this year! Kaltz Excavating and M.U.E. have been long, strong and steady supporters of the PAC, understanding the importance of what having a seat at the table means for overall success of the collective goals of the heavy construction industry.

Douglas Kaltz
Richard Snyder
Jessica Kaltz
Ian Cypher
Kevin Housner
William Donaldson
Ted Shauger
Doug Maciejewski
Randy Harrison
Jim Roehl
Matt Lewis
Terry Kaltz

Election day is just around the corner and the MITA PAC has been very active politically, supporting those candidates who support our industry and will fight for long-term sustainable infrastructure investments for Michigan. We have also closely followed the ballot proposals for this election. Attached are links to policy papers from the Citizens Research Council which give basic information on the initiatives that will be up for vote in November. The Citizens Research Council is a non-partisan, privately funded not-for-profit public affairs research organization founded in 1916.

Proposal 1 analysis
Proposal 2 analysis
Proposal 3 analysis

MITA is supporting Proposal 1 which adjusts term-limits in Michigan. As you will read in the analysis, it changes term-limits from 14 years total to 12 years but allowed in either chamber to the full 12 years. Currently lawmakers can only serve 6 years in the House and 8 years in the Senate. The proposal also has several financial disclosure requirements for elected officials. We believe that if passed, more consistency within each legislative chamber will occur. Instead of having a new Speaker of the House every 2 or 4 years, we could end up with someone in that spot for 8 or 10 years, which will allow for more thoughtful consideration on how we fund our state’s infrastructure.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rob Coppersmith, Executive Vice President, at or Lance Binoniemi, Vice President of Government Affairs, at