Road Laborers Contract Extension

TO: MITA Contractors (Laborers Road POA)
FROM: Michael A. Nystrom, Executive Vice President/Secretary
DATE: October 2, 2018
RE: Road Laborers Contract Extension

MITA has agreed to a contract extension proposal from the Laborers District Council to the current MITA/Laborers Road Contract that went into effect June 1, 2013.

The updated wages and overtime adjustments will go into effect on June 1, 2019 and extend through May 31, 2025.

The wage increases are as follows (effective the first full pay period on or after the following dates for each wage classification):

6/1/2019     $1.00     (instead of $0.43)
6/1/2020     $2.00     (instead of $0.45)
6/1/2021     $2.00     (instead of $0.45)
6/1/2022     $2.00     (instead of $0.45)
6/1/2023     $1.00
6/1/2024     $1.50

Any fringe benefit adjustment will be allocated from the negotiated increase first or come off the base rate. The breakdown will be determined by the Union.

The overtime adjustment is as follows:

Article VIII, Section 1

1. HOURS OF WORK/OVERTIME – Where a single shift is worked, ten (10) hours of continuous employment, except for a one-half ( ½ ) hour unpaid lunch period, shall constitute a day’s work, beginning on Monday through Saturday of each week. Where work is performed in excess of ten (10) hours on any of those days, or in excess of 40 hours Monday through Sunday, time and a half (1 ½) the base wages shall be paid.

The MITA Labor Relations Division Committee felt that this extension proposal was very fair and equitable from the Laborers, helping signatory contractors to be more competitive in attracting a quality workforce while at the same time offering consistency amongst the various trades. The overtime adjustment is the exact same language that is in the Carpenters and Cement Masons collective bargaining agreements for road construction. Finally, this extension gives the industry an opportunity to plan six years ahead.

Please use the attached fillable ballot to have your voice be known on this contract extension. You can submit the ballot by faxing to (517)
347-8344, or emailing to by October 4, 2018.