NBC 25 News: Industry leader: “We will see this big ship turn around” if gas tax hike moves through

NBC 25 News April 18, 2019 LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s proposed gas tax increase she announced during her fist state of the state address in Feb. 2019 stirred the conversation in Lansing and Thursday, the conversation continued looking for a solution. The proposed 45-cent gas tax increase was met with swift and significant […]

Gas Tax Update

Gas prices reached $3.70 a gallon just before Memorial Day and legislators have been at a virtual standstill for months because of an impasse on the state budget. Many people have asked where this leaves the transportation funding effort. Lobbying to Secure Major Increase in Transportation Investment To date, a small group of MTT coalition […]

Legislative Update

Federal Transportation Funding (SAFETEA-LU) & Hurricane Katrina The recent catastrophic disaster resulting from Hurricane Katrina has caused some in Washington D.C. to suggest that funds recently authorized in the six-year transportation act (SAFETEA-LU) be reallocated to offset the cost of disaster relief for the gulf coast region. However, there are many in leadership positions in […]