OE 324 Leaders Falsely Claim that MITA Rejected an Agreement to Restart Road Work

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mike Nystrom, Executive VP Sept. 20, 2018 OE 324 Leaders Falsely Claim that MITA Rejected an Agreement to Restart Road Work “The Union Leaders are Flat out Lying” This statement is from Mike Nystrom, executive vice president of the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA). Nystrom is commenting on a false media statement issued […]

Operating Engineers, Local 324 Road Agreement Expires – No Work Stoppage

At 12:00 a.m. today (Friday, June 1, 2018), the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 324 (OE) and the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA), commonly referred to within the industry as the MITA/OE Road Agreement, expired. Although the industry, through MITA, has made several attempts to initiate negotiations […]

MITA Claims Victory In Operating Engineers Arbitration Case

In 2014, Doug Stockwell, Business Manager of Operating Engineers Local 324 (OE), started challenging the historical interpretation of Article IX of the MITA/OE Road Collective Bargaining Agreement. Article IX states that all subcontractors must comply “with all the rates, terms and conditions of this Agreement…” According to Mr. Stockwell, Article IX requires non-signatory contractors to […]

Employee Communications During Operating Engineers, Local 324 Negotiations Standstill

We encourage all companies involved in this unfortunate situation to send their employees to this website regularly in order to get the most timely and factual pieces of information surrounding this ongoing labor situation. It is during times like these that many false, untrue and unsubstantiated rumors begin to circulate and create confusion. Our goal […]