Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage – Attention Flag Person Rate Change!

On August 11, 2014, MDOT issued “AddendA-Wage Decision Updates” for the August 22, 2014 MDOT letting. Contained within the updated “MI14001 General Wage Determination, effective 8/1/2014” is a modified Flag Person wage ($18.99) and fringe ($12.75) rate that equates to a total package rate of $31.74 that is vastly different from the previous rate of […]


Frequently Used Special Provision (FUSP)/ Supplemental Specification (SS) Update MDOT has recently made the noted changes to the following frequently used special provision and will be in effect with the September 5, 2014 letting. The following 12 SP have been added: 12SP102(E) Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Information at Time of Bid Click here  to view all […]

Prevailing Wage for Managerial and Professional Salaried Employees (i.e. Working Foreman)

MDOT continues their focus on prevailing wage compliance.  They have asked MITA to distribute the following information as a reminder about the payment of prevailing wages for the following types of employees: Managerial and Professional Salaried Employees (i.e. Working Foreman) The following excerpts were copied from the US Department of Labor (US DOL), Field Operations […]