MITA Responds to Misuse of Road Funding Dollars & House Passes Extra $175M for Roads in 2018

MITA Responds to Misuse of Road Funding Dollars Earlier this year, the Isabella County Road Commission (ICRC) presented a proposal to the full county commission to build a new $10 million building to replace their current structure. The proposal is for a 30-year bond that would end up costing approximately $540,000 annually for 30 years. […]

Governor Proposes Water Fee, Asks For More Road Funding In SOTS; President Trump Announces $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Governor Proposes New Water Fee In his last year as Governor, Rick Snyder is continuing his strong advocacy for improving infrastructure in Michigan. This week the Governor spent every day bringing attention to different aspects of infrastructure and environmental improvement. The most significant announcement he made during this infrastructure week was proposing a new water […]

Significant Movement On Road Funding In Michigan Legislature

On Wednesday evening, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a road funding proposal that will increase investment levels for Michigan’s transportation system by $1.2 billion annually once fully implemented. The revenues would be generated by a combination of the following: a gas tax increase, registration fee increases and reprioritizing the state’s general fund budget. The […]

Legislature Continues Debate on Road Funding Through Summer

Although lawmakers have returned to their districts for summer recess, a lot has occurred and continues to occur towards finding a long-term sustainable solution to our road-funding problem in Michigan.  Both the House and Senate have passed their respective plans to increase over $1 billion annually to transportation in Michigan and legislative leaders continue to […]