Timeliness is important! MIOSHA Deadlines for Appeals Tightens

MIOSHA used to provide a grace period now and then when it came to initiating an appeal of issued citations. This will no longer be the case. When you receive the citation, the deadline to submit an appeal is 15 working days after receiving the Citation and Notification of Penalty. 

If your company chooses to have MITA handle the citation, please forward that to Greg Brooks, MITA’s Safety Director immediately upon receipt. If you are debating whether or not to appeal, file the appeal immediately regardless. If you decide to not appeal, MITA can withdraw the appeal, but MITA can not start one after the deadline passes.

Unfortunately, MITA has had cases that we believe were incorrectly cited but a late appeal (or no appeal) was filed. This ultimately required the member to pay the full penalties, due to missing the appeal deadline. 

If you have any questions, have an appeal to file, or want to discuss your options on an appeal please contact, Greg Brooks at gregbrooks@thinkmita.org or at 517-507-2531.