Utility Locating Contacts

It is no secret how MITA members feel about the new Pelican System that MISS DIG 811 implemented over the winter. Patience and training will pay dividends concerning the new system. As we approach the beginning of the dig season, the following list of contacts should prove helpful, and MITA suggests you take the following approach to your utility locating problems when they arise. Always have your ticket number handy!
• Call or request additional assistance on the ticket in question when you have no marks, the presence of an unmarked facility, or an incomplete positive response. Do not call in a new ticket because this will only exacerbate your problem. You should be contacted within 3 hours, so start the clock for a potential downtime claim. If you’re not contacted or feel the need to expedite your request, start the next step.
• Use the USIC contact list first if you are experiencing problems with your locates unless otherwise noted on the ticket. USIC purchased/merged with URG over the past few months and will be performing the vast majority of your locates.
• If you are getting nowhere with your attempts to contact USIC, move up the chain. Enclosed is the contact information for Consumers Energy, AT&T, and DTE field personnel based on region. These individuals have the means to manage your problems. The list has been broken down into gas and electric, and some contacts handle both.
• Call MITA if you are still having trouble. MITA will push your issues to the next level with the system and involve individuals at the next level and/or even the MPSC, which is charged with the enforcement of the MISS DIG Act.
Greg Brooks: 517-507-2531, MITA’s Director of Safety & Compliance
Rob Coppersmith: 517-896-1495, MITA’s Executive Vice President
DTE Contacts:

Kevin Price: 313-600-1884
Gas Damage Prevention

Sarah McKenzie: 313-378-0346
Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan Supervisor

Mark Kovalciki: 586-994-1204
Electric Damage Prevention


AT&T Contact
Bryant Thomas: 231-489-7939
Statewide Damage Prevention