We’re Almost There!

As election cycles get more and more combative so do the stakes! MITA is thankful for all the PAC support you have given us! Tomorrow is a big day and it is important to get out and exercise your right to vote. Regardless of the outcomes, your PAC dollars will continue to put MITA on the map in Lansing and continue to open doors for the heavy construction industry. 


We have just two months left in this calendar year and as you have seen with the many updates on the MITA PAC, our members have stepped up to the plate and have raised more money than the PAC has ever raised in a single year.  For that, THANK YOU! But we are not done, and as my “PAC PLEA” from May stated, “We should all give until it hurts.”  And that’s what I’m asking today, for your help.  We are just short of our goal of raising $250,000 this calendar year. This amount was selected based on what some of the larger organizations that have significant influence in Lansing raise on an annual basis. It was not a dart thrown in the dark.  If you’ve been thinking about giving to the PAC and just haven’t taken the time to do so, here’s your chance.  The approach of getting smaller donations from more of you is really working. The donor spotlights have been a regular post throughout the year! If you haven’t encouraged your employees to give to the PAC like many of the MITA membership has done, please do so now.  


As all of the various political ads overwhelm our TVs and mailboxes, it is easy to see that elections continue to become more and more expensive every cycle.  We must support those candidates who support efforts for long-term sustainable infrastructure funding as opponents are supporting no-tax pledge candidates or those unwilling to seriously look at our infrastructure funding problem that we have in our state. 


This year’s success has to become the new normal if MITA is going to continue to grow its political influence.  With guidance from MITA’s PAC Board the political giving has been very strong throughout this election cycle and we are excited to work with all of the candidates who are successful on election day and are in a good position to do so thanks to your giving!  MITA staff have already had numerous conversations with incoming leadership in both the House and Senate regarding industry concerns on several topics and are ready to hit the ground running leading into a new legislative session. 


The true test of this years’ success comes next year. Will we as industry have the fortitude to raise significant dollars on an annual basis? MITA is only as strong as the support it gets from its members! MITA will continue to be humble in asking you for your hard earned dollars but will not stop asking due to the importance of them. I will leave you with how I left my initial plea this past Spring.  I personally implore you to give so MITA doesn’t have to chase PAC dollars.  MITA would rather be working hard on your behalf than trying to convince you to give to an effort that directly benefits you and your employees and all of our families.