Workforce Development Update

Workforce development remains a high priority issue for the industry and the state as 2019 draws to a close. MITA takes this seriously and continues to lead the workforce development charge through direct involvement in the following programs across Michigan:

·      Detroit Workforce of the Future graduated 17 students under the age of 18 this past summer. Out of the eight 18-year-olds, two were offered positions and are currently working in the Detroit-Metropolitan area, and three returning juniors are being recruited for after graduation. New students are currently being recruited for an even larger cohort for 2020, and more companies are being brought to the table to participate.

·      MITA is helping MDOT and MichiganWorks! to develop a webpage that will provide young people 18 and older with a place to educate themselves and to apply for  MDOT’s OJT program. The site will be officially launched in December 2019.

·      MITA helped spearhead an initiative through Governor Whitmer’s office and received an $85,000.00, 3-year grant for a heavy equipment maintenance and operator class that kicked off this semester in the Gaylord School District. The superintendent of schools mentioned that he is happy to have 12 students currently in the class and said they already had to close registration for next semester because the class is full. MITA would like to extend a special thanks to members M&M Excavating, Harbor Springs Excavating, Team Elmer’s, Ajax Paving and Payne & Dolan for being integral parts of the grant initiative. “Bringing together employers, education, training institutions and workforce development organizations will help Michigan get focused on creating innovative solutions to our talent needs,” said Governor Whitmer’s Workforce Development Director, Stephanie Beckhorn.

MITA is making its presence known statewide by leading workforce groups and bringing your voice to the table. MITA would like to remind you that we will have a Workforce Breakout Session on Thursday, January 23, 2020 at the MITA Annual Conference in Mt. Pleasant.