COVID-19: How MITA Members Can Provide Public Service

Over the past several weeks, MITA members have gone above and beyond in many ways during the COVID-19 crisis. Examples that we have heard about include helping hospitals by donating N95 masks, sewing handmade masks and distributing them to hospitals; donating and setting up temporary propane heat for medical teams and patients at a regional testing facility; and moving a milling machine to assist General Motors in manufacturing ventilators.

Another good opportunity has come up that may interest MITA members. Michigan Tech University (MTU) has designed a sanitation unit to sanitize PPE, such as N-95 masks, shields and gowns. It uses a thick-walled shipping container with the refrigeration unit swapped for a heating unit run on an electric generator, which is then lined with stainless steel racks and trays holding PPE and heated to 140-170 degrees Fahrenheit. Up to 60,000 PPE units or more can be disinfected per day, according to an article in the Michigan Tech News.The construction industry can get involved by building sanitizing units or donating parts or money toward the production of units, which cost between $10,000-$15,000 to build. MTU is putting together a build sheet so others can build similar units.

If you are interested in getting involved or donating toward this project, please email Nancy Brown, MITA’s Director of Communications. Thank you for your interest.