COVID-19 Resources Available For Industry – Make Contact Today!

MITA is offering this list of resources for the supply of KN95 masks, as well as other COVID-19 related safety supplies that you may need for your job sites. A few of the companies are highlighted as MITA members, and as such, we would encourage you to support those companies who support your industry by belonging to your association.

The KN95 mask follows the recommended guidelines set forth by the CDC, although the CDC does not have knowledge about quality control for these products. NIOSH also does not have knowledge about the product’s handling and exposures after leaving its manufacturer’s control.

Click here for NPPTL Respiratory Assessments.

It is vitally important, not only for the health and safety of the workforce, but also for the perception of the industry, that companies encourage the use of some form of mask (even bandanas). As the first industry fully back to work, it is incumbent upon every company to let the general public know, as they drive past your job sites, that we are all willing to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 as the economy gets moving again.

MITA MEMBERS – If you are a MITA member and are supplying resources, we would love to add your name to our list. Please email Sara Schaibly, Membership Services Coordinator at

Ace Cutting – Masks

(248) 449-4944

BCM Bio – Hand & Surface Cleaner, KN95 and Disposable Masks

SALES@BCMBIO.COM • (586) 255-0200

Broner Glove & Safety – Full Line Safety Distributor

(248) 804-9021

Detroit Diamond Drilling – N95 Masks, 8 oz., 5 gal., 55 gal. hand sanitizer

Jim (313) 938-1299

HC Ryan – Custom PPE, masks & neck gaiters

(517) 977-1300

J.J. Jinkleheimer & Co., Inc. – Custom PPE, masks & neck gaiters


Jim Harvey

KN95 Masks, $4.50

(810) 217-0450

These two resources were vetted earlier this year to help supply Caterpillar Worldwide:

Petar Elez – MoeVee
KN95 Masks, Sanitizer & COVID-19 Safety Supplies (3 ply – $.70 (in stock) and 2000ct+, KN95 – $3.25 (in stock) and 500ct+, Only $2.65 at 10k quantities, Latex gloves – $220 case of 1000 ct+)

(512) 894-8959

Sean Gallinger – Summit Resource Group
KN95 Masks and 30-day Reusable Cloth Masks
(406) 579-6798

Current list of manufacturers and vendors who can take PPE-related orders:

Akervall Technologies

Contact Ben Bloomfield or

Calls/Texts: (734) 277-0462

Face Shields (PPE) available immediately, same-day shipping capability.

Alfie Logo Gear

Contact Bonnie Alfonso

Masks, face shields and hand sanitizer

All Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Contact Gregory Morris (no email) @ (419) 236-6125

Gowns and face shields

Allied PhotoChemical

Contact Michael Kelly

Hand sanitizer – 1/2 gal, 1 gal, 5 gal, 50 gal & 330 gal – Liquid/immediate shipment

Approved Home Services

Contact Mike Dominick @ (734) 968-1660

Gaiter Circular Knit Face Masks

Argent International

Contact Gregg Merians @ (734) 582-9925

Face Shield Protection

Arrow Office Supply

Contact Marc Crane

KN95 masks, gloves, liquid hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies

Atwater Spirits

Contact Mark Rieth @ (313) 877-9205

Hand sanitizer

BBC Distributing

Contact Morgan Raymer @ (616) 292-6146

KN95 masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, thermometers

Big Time PPE

Contact Dan Obie @ (847) 858-0360

Face masks (KN95, N95 and surgical), hand sanitizer (minimum order of 330 gallons)

Burke Architectural Millwork

Contact Kelly Victor-Burke @ (734) 634-2937

Plexiglass dividers for restaurants, retail, education and general business

Byrne Healthcare

Contact Martin Stemen @(616) 401-5776

Face shields and face mask extenders

Caniff Electric Supply

Contact Sales Associate @ (313) 365-8144

Full PPE and essential supplies including masks, Kn95 and N95 masks, face shields, thermometers, sanitizer, etc.

CMG Powered by HALO

Contact Kelly Kaminski

KN95 masks, 3-ply masks, cloth masks, antibacterial sanitizers, wipes, infrared thermometers, digital thermometers, medical shields, gloves, gowns, and more.


Contact Eric Adamczyk @ (517) 262-5038

Face Shields: currently have a standard model, but can help with custom fits (i.e. dentists who wear loupes/lights).

Comfort Research

Contact Matt Jung @ (616) 308-8960

Face masks

Contrast Engineering

Contact Michael Sneller @ (616) 862-6100

Face shields and masks

Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce

Contact Jackie Lovejoy @ (313) 584-6100

Hand sanitizer, masks (local orders only)

Derby Fabricating Solutions

Contact Dennis Chema @ (248) 762-9597

Face shields: minimum quantity 100; KN95 masks minimum quantity 5,000.

Deviate Fashion

Contact Cassidy Tucker @ (734) 904-5378

Masks and isolation gowns.

Dewy’s Manufacturing

Contact Judy Iverson @ (616) 677-5630

COVID-19 Touch Free Door Openers with antimicrobial paint. Same day and/or next day shipping available.

Domico Med-Device, LLC

Contact Bryan Teffner @ (810) 750-5300

Design and manufacture patient positioning solutions for healthcare applications; sewing and sealing capabilities for PPE: face masks, face shields, and gowns; fabrication and assembly capabilities for hospital beds; and patient mattresses manufacturing capabilities.

Drivergent Hand Sanitizer

Contact David Holls @ (586) 800-DRIVE

Producing 80% alcohol liquid hand sanitizer


Contact Dan Ervin @ (800) 248-0280

Foot covers and masks and non-surgical isolation gowns

Dynamic Industrial

Contact Shane Waldrop @ (517) 759-3245

Disinfectants, gloves, disposable masks (Surgical, KN95 and N95), face shields, sanitizer, respirators, more.

Exquisite Medical Solutions

Contact Della Hamameh @ (248) 282-4937

N95 NIOSH respirator with valve, KN95 respirator mask,  NON-NIOSH respirator mask, masks, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, anti-bacterial alcogel sanitizer, alcohol-free pocket size spray sanitizer, gloves, ozone sanitation and sanitation stations.

Fasteners Resource

Contact Todd Heimler @ (833) 232-7836 8336

Reusable masks, hand sanitizer gallon containers with pumps, eye protection, head and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, welding and fire retard safety, footwear, ergonomics, fall protection, water safety, protective clothing, cold weather gear, high visibility apparel, plant and work zone safety, fasteners, hardware, tools, abrasives, military grade fasteners.

Foresight Group

Contact Stacey Trzeciak @ (517) 999-0044

Signage, sneeze guards, cashier shields, clear partitions, sanitizer stations, masks, gloves.

Global Industrial

Contact Christopher Philippi @ (609) 223-6631

Face masks, shields, facilities accommodations

Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan

Contact Doris Tipken @ (269) 382-0490

Face shields

Grant Design Yard

Contact Nate Shaver @ (517) 541-6307

Face shields, face mask extensions, acrylic partitions

Great Lakes Diagnostics

Contact Nicholas Toben @ (248) 307-9494

KN95 and FFP2 masks, 3 ply masks, face shields, liquid hand sanitizer, gel hand sanitizer, surgical gowns, nitrile gloves.

Great Lakes Filters

Contact Brian Annis @ (800) 521-8565

Face masks and KN95 masks

Great Lakes Rubber Company

Contact Don DeMallie @ (248) 624-5710

Ear loops and headbands for masks and face shields

Green Door Distilling

Contact Josh Cook @ (269) 207-2298

Hand sanitizer

Hana Automotive

Contact Jim Larsen @ (248) 660-5129

Face shields

Harbor Retail

Contact Sales @ (800) 968-6991

Shields and sanitation stations

Haviland Enterprises, Inc.

Contact Dan Burke

Hand sanitizer

Healthcare DME

Contact Shaz Kadwani @ (734) 975-6668

Oxygen equipment and supplies; CPAP and Bipap devices; life support ventilators and supplies; KN95 face masks, masks, face shields; hand sanitizer, gloves, thermometers, alcohol prep pads.


Contact for all PPE and sanitization product related questions.

PGS Inc.

Contact Irina Sybrandy @ (248) 953-1676

Face Shields

Homestead Elements

Contact Tanya McDonald @ (906) 370-5545

Hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and wipes

Hi-Tech Optical, Inc.

Contact Heather Gilstad @ (800) 638-1171

Face shields

Kangaroo Health

Contact Ed Pienkosz @ (810) 360-9655

Remote health assessment and monitoring

Kem Krest

Contact Brian Carter @ (248) 486-3800

Tier I automotive chemical company now providing hand sanitizers and botanical disinfectants.

KSS Enterprises

Contact Derrick Zenker @ (517) 937-7752

Masks, Kn95 masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, soap and sanitizer.

Lansing Sanitary Supplies

Contact Sandra Martins @ (800) 632-6333

Face masks

Manufacturing Dynamics

Jonathon Tamm @ (248) 251-5779

Face shields

Mico Industries

Contact Tracy Trevino Deklein @ (616) 245-6426

Face shields


Contact Carla Hott @ (614) 715-2928

PPE Supplies: plexiglass barriers, protective glasses, Kn95 masks, face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, disposable thermometers, and more shipped out of Canton, MI.

Milton Manufacturing

Contact Jim Green @ (313) 366-2450

Custom Manufacturer with diverse capabilities capable of handling prototype to production, industrial sewing, metal fabrication, stamping, machining & assembly.

Model Coverall Service, Inc.

Contact Jon Subar @ (800) 968-6491

Commercial Laundry Service, Personal Protective Uniforms, Restroom Supplies: Toilet Paper, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Chemicals and Disinfectant, First Aid Cabinets and Supplies, Safety Equipment, Gloves, Safety Glasses, etc.

Napa Detroit

Contact Josh Peterson @ (734) 729-7500

Same day disinfecting, rubber gloves, sanitizer, masks distribution.

Napa Grand Rapids

Contact Brad Rowland @ (662) 648- 9459

Disinfecting and cleaning supplies

Noble Films Corp

Contact Chris Nicoletti @ (616) 977-3770

Masks and hand sanitizer

Nutra Food Ingredients

Contact Bryon Yang @ (616) 430-1183

Face shields, goggles, Kn95 and disposable 3-ply masks

Oakland Supplies Group

Contact Tyler Sajan @ (248)-872-4711

Face masks, surgical masks, KN95, sanitizer, face shields, thermometers, gowns and gloves.

OK Industrial

Contact Jacquelyn Etelamaki (906) 486-4489

Masks, face shields, gloves, safety equipment

Orange Dot (no website)

Contact @ (616) 308-8960



Contact David Shirkey @ (517) 787-9447

N95 Sanitization

Phoenix Composite Solutions, LLC

Contact John Scanion @ (989) 739-7108

Masks, face shields

Plymouth Technology

Contact Tim O’Mara @ (248) 537-0081

Gel and liquid hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, cleaners

Polyflex Products Inc.

Contact Andrea Edelstein @ (248) 308-6497

Face shields

Proper Group

Contact Michael Mualem @ (313) 617-3105

Face Shields, Disposable Masks

RCO Engineering

Contact Russell Piccolo  @ (586) 943-7394

Face masks, face shields, clear plastic dividers and disposable goggles.

Reed City Group

Contact Brad Doornbos @ (231) 832-7500

Face shields

Renegade Brands

Contact Nick Samuels @ (616) 914-5879

Hospital grade hard surface disinfectant

RTD Manufacturing

Contact Irv Stone @ (517) 783-1550

Manufacturing a device that can turn any paper towel into a disinfectant wipe.

Safety Glasses USA, Inc.

Contact Mike Eldridge @ (269) 244-7081

Protective face shields, face masks, safety eyewear, hand sanitizer

Saturn Printing

Contact Graham Currie @ (734) 427-2887

Protective shields for retail, office, commercial, industrial. Social distancing floor graphics, banners, signs (indoor & outdoor); Now Open signs (indoor & outdoor).


Contact Bryan Powers @ (248) 255-5835

gGoves, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, electrostatic spray services.

Southern Lithoplate Inc.

Contact Steve Mattingly @ (800) 638-7990

Hand sanitizer

Sohn Linen Service

Contact Wendy Vue @1-(800)-292-8689

Reusable Anti-Microbial Facemasks and Personal Protective Garments; Scrubs, Barrier Aprons, Gloves, Mops, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap and Toilet Paper.

Sozo Workwear


Reusable and Washable Masks

SR Industries LLC

Contact Stacey Afton @ (231) 798-4627

Industrial sewing company with capabilities to produce face masks.

Star Safety Shield

Contact Mary Malkowski @ (231) 425-4975

Polycarbonate security shields and partitions for restaurants, government, offices, salons, etc. Countertop and custom inline designs available. Stronger than plexiglass or acrylic.

Star Studded Productions

Contact Tyler Mark @ (248) 438-5152

Custom face masks, distancing markers, non-permanent protective counter barriers.

Superior Business Solutions

Contact Jon Cummings @ (810) 523-2706

Masks – KN95, disposal, reusable/branded, employee PPE kits, signage – wall and floor graphics, sanitizers – 1 gallon.


Contact Gordy Gillette @ (248) 299-9400

PPE distributor for face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves


Contact Tim Dyer @ (616) 785-0400



Contact Mike Rozewicz @ (269) 978-3500

Collaboration w/ Schupan & Sons and Fabri-Kal – Face Shields.

The Industry Source

Contact Mike Gaynor @ (616) 808-6999

Shields and KN95 masks, single use masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, alcohol, wipes, soap and UV sterilizer.

The PNR Group

Contact Cason Thorsby @ (313) 355-1425

Hand sanitizer, alcohol disinfecting wipes, KN95 masks.

Traverse City Whiskey Co.

Contact TC Crew @ (231) 922-8292

Hand sanitizer, face masks (starting May 15)

Total Security Solutions

Contact Tina Fuson @ (517) 223-7807

VirusGuard Sneeze Guards, Cashier Shields, Clear Partitions

TusStar – Contact Frank Ni @ (734) 255-4816

Masks, sanitizer, thermometer, face shields

Quality Discount Disposables

Contact-Justin Wexler @ (734) 828-4918

Infrared Thermometer with employee recognition, sanitizer solution and concentrate and gel and dispensers, gloves, masks, gowns, bouffant caps, shoe covers, face shields, coveralls, lab coats and vests, germicidal wipes, bleach, Infrared thermometers, paper towels and dispensers, lysol, and goggles.

Unitage Inc.

Contact Irina Sybrandy (248) 953-1676

Face Shields

Unique Fabricating

Contact Timothy Packer @ (517) 524-9010

Face Shields

Vantage Plastics

Contact Paul Aultman @ (989) 846-1029

Face Shields

VRS Inc. PPE Division

Contact Ann Caronaro @ (313) 928-5980

3M Masks, Honeywell Masks, Nitrile Gloves, KN 95 Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Face Shields

Wonderland Distilling Co.

Contact Allen Serio @ (231) 638-1051

Hand sanitizer

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Greg Brooks, Director of Safety & Compliance, at, or Sara Schaibly, Membership Services Coordinator, at