MDOT Seeks Industry Input on Upcoming I-96 Flex Route Project

MDOT’s Metro Region will host an informational virtual meeting on Monday, November 9, 2020, 1:30-3:30 PM, to solicit industry input on the project schedule and maintenance of traffic (MOT) for their upcoming I-96 Flex Route Project.  
Project Description
  • Full reconstruction of all lanes and shoulders of the EB and WB mainline roadways from Kent Lake Road to approximately 3200’ east into the I-275 interchange along EB and WB I-696, with widening of existing 9’ outside paved shoulders to 10’.
  • Installation of an Active Traffic Management System (Flex Lane) from Kent Lake Road to the I-275/I-696/M-5 interchange, including:
  • Gantries, lane control signs, message boards, cameras and detection to allow part-time peak-period median shoulder use, provide queue warning and variable speed advisories, and facilitate incident management
  • Ramp metering at 8 entrance ramps to help reduce congestion, and to improve travel time reliability and safety by breaking up entering traffic platoons.
  • Crash investigation sites along outside shoulders to facilitate clearance of incidents.
  • Reconstruction of ramps except easterly Kent Lake Road ramps, Wixom Road ramps and Beck Road ramps.
  • Pavement repairs for the existing Wixom and Beck road ramps.
  • Rehabilitation of the Beck Road Park & Ride lot.
  • Proposed bridge and culvert rehabilitation on 13 structures.
  • The project will be an Alternate Pavement Bidding project.
  • Click here to view Metro Region’s CPM for the HMA alternate.
  • Click here to view Metro Region’s CPM for the concrete alternate.
  • Metro Region is currently developing their CPM for the concrete alternate.
MDOT is soliciting feedback on: 
Overall time line for schedule, is it reasonable?
Does industry see any concerns in the order of staging/work with respect to time of year and/or other factors?
Are the number of stages and substages reasonable?  Any suggested alternates?
Would industry suggest a different approach/scheme to save time and/or reduce cost of the project?
Other general comments?
Click here to register for the virtual meeting. Once your registration is received, you’ll be emailed the meeting link. If you have any questions with regard to registration, please email Danielle Coppersmith at