Utility Contacts and Guidance Update

USIC and URG have offered the attached list and corresponding map in an effort to connect the field with the appropriate staff member for your area. While these two entities do not stake for every facility, these two locators will be involved in many of the tickets you place.

MITA is being told by contractors that many locators are only partially locating initial tickets. MITA suggests that you implore locators to stake the entire ticket. If they don’t, document the situation in the event you hit a facility.

Please remember that the additional assistance clause should be exercised if you don’t have marks related to an initial request and/or lack of a positive response, have visible evidence of an unmarked facility, or are unable to locate a marked line via soft excavation. It has come to MITA’s attention that many members are submitting a new ticket request when they should be asking for additional assistance on an existing ticket.

MISS DIG has plans in place to stay operational for the time being. Many false rumors have been circulating that they would be shutting down. MITA will inform members if this happens, but for now, they are just rumors. That said, USIC has tried to build into some of their ticket responses a “sorry we are late clause” due to the virus.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Rob Coppersmith, VP of Membership Services, at robcoppersmith@thinkmita.org or by calling 517-896-1495.

USIC Contact List & Map

URG Contact List & Map