MDOT Implements Temporary “Truck Ticket Option”

From MDOT’s Construction Field Services Division:

“Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, MDOT and the FHWA have partnered to develop a revised material ticket procedure for our construction projects.

Contractors are permitted to send an electronic copy of tickets (scans, photos, etc.) to the person designated by the Engineer when the truck is dispatched or discharged and follow up with the physical tickets to the Engineer.

Physical tickets are to be mailed to the Engineer on a weekly basis based on date of generation.  This process will allow reduced handling and in-person contact.

Physical tickets are to be sorted in batches sequentially, by day, and material type.

Engineers are asked to provide feedback on issues and best practices to CFS (Mike DeBoer, Matt Bellgowan, or Jason Gutting) on a weekly basis.

This system will be in place until further notice.

This procedure will be re-evaluated based on MDOT, FHWA, Michigan Governor, and United States Presidential directives.”


MITA has been informed by MDOT that contractors may continue to submit truck material tickets using the current existing process. However, the contractor will need to place the tickets in a location where the inspector can pick them up while maintaining CDC recommended social distance guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Bukoski, VP of Engineering Services, at, Rachelle VanDeventer, VP or Industry Relations, at