Legislative – Transportation Bill Update

As far as Michigan is concerned, the Senate bill increases scope of the minimum guarantee level compared to that in current law as well as compared to the House passed bill, thus increasing MI’s rate-of-return to 92%. We view this as a victory, even though our goal was originally 95%,

Legislative – Senate Passes Transportation Reauthorization Bill

The Senate passed their transportation reauthorization bill yesterday by a vote of 89 – 11. This measure includes the additional funding added by Senators Grassley and Baucus. In total, approximately $11 billion in funding is added to the $284 provided by the House and Administration initiatives – totaling the Senate

Legislative – Voice Your Opinion

VOICE YOUR OPINION ON HIGHWAY ROBBERY In a recent Legislative bulletin MITA reported that the Michigan House of Representatives had passed a “reverse-supplemental” that would take $10 million from the State Transportation Budget and transfer it to the Michigan Department of State (Secretary of State). The article also discussed the

Legislative – Senate to Consider SAFETEA This Week

On Tuesday, May 10, 2005, with other business intermixed, the Senate returned to consideration of SAFETEA. It is certain that much of this week’s business will be tied up in discussions about the supplemental appropriations measure and judges. It is also becoming clearer that the Senate will complete their consideration

Legislative News

MITA Supports Efforts to Increase Use of Water Quality Bonds The Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association expressed its support May 3rd for efforts to increase the utilization of the Great Lakes Water Quality Bonds approved by voters in 2002. The proposal designated $1 billion to repair and replace municipal sewer

Legislative – Update

Granholm Announces Proposal to Boost Construction Jobs Details of a proposal to help boost the state’s employment picture, especially with construction jobs by speeding up construction and repair of roads, redeveloping of schools and nursing homes and boosting both environmental clean ups and downtown developments, were unveiled by Governor Granholm

Amendment To Operating Engineers Agreement – Underground Construction Only!

AMENDMENT TO OPERATING ENGINEERS AGREEMENT UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION ONLY! After years of deliberation, the Operating Engineers have agreed to amend the collective bargaining agreement for underground construction. The counties of Ingham, Jackson and Lenawee will be moved from Zone 1 to Zone 2 effective May 18, 2005.

Legislative – MITA Blasts Practice of Road Funding Transfers

The Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association expressed their opposition April 19 to the practice of shifting funds out of the Michigan Transportation Fund to bolster the budgets of other state departments. Legislation was approved in the Michigan House of Representatives the week of April 11 that took away $10 million

Legislative Update

LEGISLATION MAY HELP MOVE SEWER BOND MONEY The House Committee on Local Government and Urban Affairs recently approved legislative changes (HB 4572-4573) intended to stimulate greater and quicker use of the $1 billion in sewer bonds approved by voters in 2002. Only $1.5 million of the first $100 million in

MDOT – MDOT Will Not Issue New Work Zone Speed Limit Guidelines

In response to construction worker safety concerns raised by MITA and the Michigan Laborers’ District Council, MDOT will not issue the proposed Bureau of Highways Instructional Memorandum 2005-B, Guidelines to Establish Speed Limits in Work Zones. The “draft” Instructional Memorandum was approved by MDOT’s Engineering Operations Committee on March 3,

Legislative 006 – Legislative Update

Federal Transportation Funding Reauthorization Last week the U.S. House of Representatives approved, by a vote of 417 – 9, a $284 billion highway bill that would boost road funds coming to Michigan by an average of nearly $200 million over the next five years. In all, TEA LU (HR3) promises

Labor-Teamster Wage & Fringe Adjustment Effective 04-01-05

Page: 1 NO: LABOR – 001 Date: 3/9/05 Circulation: Contractor Labor List Teamster Wage & Fringe Adjustment Effective 04-01-05 Underground Teamster Agreement wage & fringe adjustment effective April 1, 2005. The following represents the wage & fringe benefit adjustments effective April 1, 2005 for underground construction being performed in the